Make a Bold Statement with Wallpaper

At Ashburnham Paint and Wallpaper, your choices are endless! Whether you’re drawn to elegant stripes, whimsical patterns, luxurious gold finishes, or dynamic 3D designs, we offer a diverse selection of wallpaper styles to suit your taste. Choosing the perfect wallpaper can be a challenge, but with our extensive range of options, you’re sure to find the ideal match. Visit us today and discover how we can assist you in transforming your space!

Brands We Carry:

York Wallcoverings

York has championed and embraced new printing technologies since opening its doors, but the pride and craftsmanship that existed over the past century still endures throughout their historic company today, ensuring authenticity of style and the highest quality of manufacture.

Provincial Wallcoverings

Provincial opened their first office as a US regional distributor of wallpaper in 1935. Their roots are in traditional wallcoverings, but in the past decade, they’ve evolved into a home décor brand covering wall art, home accessories, flooring, small furniture, and more. With a team of experienced in-house designers, and offices on three continents, they are equipped for producing fresh and original products for worldwide distribution to both residential and commercial markets.

Ontario Wallcoverings

Ontario Wallcovering is the biggest wall décor and house accents wholesaler in Canada and the US. They produce the largest wallpaper collections, Art, Murals panels from the most famous European designers.

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